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Guest Lecture on “How to plan for Start-up and legal & Ethical Steps"

Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Paramedical Sciences is hosting a guest lecture on "How to Plan for Start-up and Legal & Ethical Steps" in collaboration with IIC, DBUU. The lecture aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs through the complexities of starting a business while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards.

AIM of the Event:

  1. Provide insights into the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurship.
  2. Offer practical guidance on planning and launching a startup venture.
  3. Educate attendees on the legal and ethical considerations essential for startup success.
  4. Facilitate networking opportunities with industry experts, fellow entrepreneurs, and faculty members.

Date Time & Venue of Events:

  • 06-Apr-2024, 02:30, School Of Paramedical Sciences

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members:

  • 1.Mr. Ashith Tripathi 2.Dr. Heena Hasan Ansari,

Contact Person:

  • Mr. Ashith Tripathi,