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A competition on Innovation and Creativity on Modern Business Plan

  • The aim of fostering entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging innovative thinking, and promoting creativity in developing contemporary business plans.
  • This event serves as a platform for students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills, brainstorm innovative ideas, and present viable business strategies tailored to the modern business landscape.

AIM of the Event:

  1. Stimulate Innovative Thinking: Encourage participants to think creatively and outside the conventional boundaries of business Interacting with Experts
  2. Promote Entrepreneurship: Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students.
  3. Showcase Emerging Trends: Highlight emerging trends, technologies, and market opportunities shaping the modern business landscape.

Date Time & Venue of Events:

  • 23-Apr-2024, 11:00, Seminar Hall,SOMC,DBUU

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members:

  • Dr. Anurag Kushwaha,Ms. Swati Uniyal, 7906978808

Contact Person:

  • Ms. Taruna Sabharwal, 7906978808