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Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights

Workshops on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) serve to educate participants on the diverse facets of intellectual property and its significance in the contemporary world. These workshops are commonly arranged by academic institutions, government bodies, industry associations, or legal firms with expertise in intellectual property law. Attendees gain insights into the patent system, covering aspects such as patentability criteria, the application procedure, and the privileges bestowed upon patent holders. Practical illustrations like case studies are often integrated to elucidate fundamental principles.

AIM of the Event:

The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Workshop, took place on 19th and 20th March, was designed to educate participants on the importance of IPR, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.

The workshop aims to build the capacity of participants by providing essential knowledge, skills, and resources related to IPR. It empowers stakeholders, including researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs, students, legal professionals, and policymakers, to confidently navigate the complex landscape of IPR. The workshop also promotes entrepreneurship, technology transfer, and knowledge-based industries. Furthermore, it facilitates networking and collaboration among participants, speakers, and organizers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

The workshop covers various aspects of IPR, such as the patent system, including the requirements for patentability, the patent application process, and the rights granted to patent holders. It may include case studies or examples to illustrate key concepts. Additionally, the workshop may delve into the nuances of copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of IPR.

Date Time & Venue of Events:

  • 19-Mar-2024, 10:00, DBIMS Seminar Hall

Event Coordinator & Organizing Team Members:

  • Ms. Paratikshya Khadka , Ms. Poonam Gusain, 7055953527

Contact Person:

  • Mr. Ankit Sati, 7017601446